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About us Company history

Profit from more than 70+ years of experience. Back in 1950, the company was founded by Friedrich Würth with the company objective of producing and repairing heating elements for household devices, industrial applications as well as medical and laboratory technology.

His successors have remained true to the original company objectives. His grandson Steffen Wolf today runs the Company in the tradition of its founder’s philosophy.
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You can profit from the advantages of our location Friedrich Würth Produktions GmbH is located in Empfingen.

Locations You can profit from the advantages of our location Friedrich Würth Produktions GmbH is located in Empfingen. Development, quality assurance, procurement and delivery of goods are optimal from a traffic and geographical perspective in Empfingen at the edge of the Black Forest. You can reach us in only 5 minutes from the Empfingen exit of the A81 Singen-Stuttgart. The production site of our products is in the Czech Republic. The WoTech company belongs to the Würth company group.

With this company structure we combine quality-oriented development and product definition with the advantage of low-cost production.

Employees trained in all aspects regarding our products, an ongoing exchange of information as well as the personal presence of management at all three locations guarantee a tight interlocking of all the parts of the company.

Our strengths

Cost-sensitive and customer-oriented production with high quality standards
... is our guideline, emphasising our strengths.
Our focus is on our customers

In close collaboration with our client, we develop custom-tailored product solutions corresponding to your requirements. Our capacities enable the realisation of any order of volumes: from individual to serial production. Our personal and service-oriented approach accompanies the customer project from initial contact to final settlement.

Flexibility –
not just a promise

Our capacities are at the exclusive disposal of customer projects, since we don’t have our own serial production. This enables maximum flexibility with regard to the production volume as well as short-term, punctual delivery times. Our machine outfit is ready for any product requirements.

Well-known companies rely on our quality

Continuous quality management from the development to the quality control of the end product makes it possible for us to define a standard of quality that lives up to any customer’s audit. Constant optimisation of production methods, high standards in the procurement of goods and employees trained in all aspects of our products contribute greatly to this.

Cost-optimised product solutions

Despite our high standard of quality and our customer-oriented handling of orders, we offer cost-optimised solutions for our customers.