Mica heating elements

The special Micanite material makes optimal insulation and temperature resistance possible. Our mica heating elements are contained in the toasters of brand-name manufacturers.

Areas of application:


Ceramic heat and heat-storage plates

High-performance heating coils around a ceramic storage core will store heat.

Areas of application:

Dish-warmers, coffee-machines, food preparation in airplanes (convection devices), storage heaters.

Ceramic heating plates

Small heating plates in which the transmission of energy is triggered by pressing against them.

Areas of application:

Baby-food warmers, coffee machines, heating of water for respiration devices, laboratory devices.

Heating inserts for cooking devices

Insulation block with heating spiral.

Areas of application:

Stoves for big kitchens, grilling plates.

Pre-switching resistances

Special heating for the generation of required motor voltages.

Areas of application:

Blow-dryer devices.

Area-heaters via contact pressure

This heating element with a large surface makes heat transmission by contact pressure possible.

Areas of application:

Switching cabinets.