Heating elements for direct contact with liquids with patented contact technology

Bare wire elements make the direct contact with liquids possible

Areas of application:

Flow heater.

Miniature ceramic heating elements as a flow heater in a very small format

Areas of application:

Dental technology, water and air heating.

Fused silica heating elements for the heating of liquids

Also for heating acids and lyes, due to acid-resistant materials.

Areas of application:

Galvanic plants, laboratory and medical technology, nuclear power plants.

Porcupine heating elements

Heating element that provides a special heat-wiring construction for better heat distribution in the glass pip and still makes a cost-effective construction possible.

Areas of application:

large quartz infrared heating element, submersible heater elements, direct heating for flow heater.

Heater for special applications

Its special construction makes it possible for this heating element to provide high electrical insulation that is temperature-resistant up to 500°C.

Areas of application:

Whirlpool baths, air heating in medical-technical installations.